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2018.02.20 Tuesday
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2008.01.18 Friday
Hugh's volleyball counseling

>> interview with Hugh McCutcheon 2007.12.12
>> in Japanese

After NORCECA Continental Olympic Qualification Championship in Puerto Rico,
USA Men's Volleyball head coach, Hugh McCutcheon
gives mini-counseling again!

Starring: Hugh McCutcheon
Host, Question / Response, Note : Aiko Shimazu from Hiroshima, Japan ...a 'volleyball kids'.

---We must send you many greeting cards for...
Happy new Olympic year;
Olympic qualifying!!;
a brilliant gold medal of NORCECA Continental Olympic Qualification Championship;
& your 75th victory as US head coach!
(...The 100th will happen @ Olympic Final in Beijing!?)

You played Sean Rooney(WS) more than WorldCup,
and he delighted,
(We couldn't watch that:)

Did he, the 6-9(210cm) tall boy kill by "Hut" or "Go"? <<Note>>
and Has he got fit for your plot?

"Hut" killer-high, & also quick attacking
"Go" spiking the low and express ball = extremely quick attacking

He hits both Go and Hut.
He has had a very positive impact on our team.

Now you have plenty of Go&Hut, in both hands!

5 straight-wins(including Puerto Rico[x2], Cuba) << nothing to lose
tells how phenomenal USA was in Puerto Rico!
and Puerto Rico Head Coach said like...
"USA was overdeveloped!!"
wow... check the 2008 calendar, 7-8 months are left to Olympic...

Are you going to develop more, for Beijing?
if you so, what parts will you brush?

Long way to go, and lots to do - in all phases of our game.
We have to work harder and smarter now.


World Olympic Qualification Tournament in May,
Poland, Spain, Italy, Puerto Rico, Cuba,
host countries: Germany; Portugal; Japan
& South Americans, Africans, Asians will compete
for their last chance to qualify.
It is tragedy that France miss the Olympic games,
for them, for volleyball fans!!
...But some luck for Spain, Puerto Rico & Cuba,
another pleasure for volleyball fans,
who like Spanish allegro, Puerto Rican balance and
Cuban Sotomayor-ing(flying)!

Which are 'best 3' favorites who get the last-3 tickets to Beijing?
Give us your WOQT-preview.

It's too close to say.

=^--^= < It's too wise way you said...

In June, World League will come before Olympic.
You will face Bulgaria, Spain, Finland, in Intercontinental Round,
and Final Round with Olympic qualifiers, surely.

3 patterns of acting are thought:
a. hide your claws
b. sharpen your claws
c. claw Olympic rivals
...Which pattern will you take?
that's joking,
What kind of competition do you plan?

Probably a combination of all three.
We will use WL to prepare for the Olympic Games
but we will use different player combinations
and make sure the team peaks in August.

American Eagle is so hungry!

プレゼント a lovely NewYear-treat to USAV fans:
(© Rob Browning / USAV)
Few people realize the amount of blood, sweat and tears
that go into an endeavor like this.
We have invested countless hours of training, planning and hard work
for a chance to win an Olympic medal and
now we have that chance.
I am so proud of all of our players and staff
for achieving such a lofty goal
and for representing the USA like we have.
― Hugh McCutcheon,

2008.Jan.11 USA qualified for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing.

Blood, Sweat & Tears "Spinning Wheel" ('Blood, Sweat & Tears' 1968)

thanks again! to:
Hugh McCutcheon (USA Men's Volleyball head coach)
B.J. Hoeptner Evans (Manager, Media Relations and Publications)
>> USA Volleyball

>> Aiko Shimazu

伝書鳩 Good People --- pigeon post interview
2008.01.18 Friday
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2018.02.20 Tuesday
2018.02.20 Tuesday
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