2007.12.12 Wednesday
Hugh's volleyball counseling

>> in Japanese

USA Men's Volleyball head coach, Hugh McCutcheon
gives counseling - listen, answer, & encourage!
You go adore volleyball, and your life... not exaggerating!
"hope it helps you get what you want" ---

Starring: Hugh McCutcheon
Hugh McCutcheon こども達を 父のように諭すマッカーチョン監督。←つるっぱげの巨漢。 (© FIVB)
not only a good coach but also
a good man who can treat 'volleyball kids' so kindly,
has MBA from BrighamYoungUniversity,
has younger(!!) wife(Elisabeth) from Women's National Team

Host, Question / Response, Note : Aiko Shimazu from Hiroshima, Japan
...a 'volleyball kids'.

rapid recovering from 2006 World Championships in Japan

First of all,
All volleyball fans in the world, would like to say,
"Welcome back, Stars&Stripes !"
Congratulation for your successful World League, a bronze medal,
comfortable gold @ Continental Championships,
& acclaimed 4th in World Cup!
WL in this summer,
you beat Italy, France, (not real Azzurri , real Les Bleus though)
even you deserved to win, the bronze medal match in Poland,
against in-form Poland, still great shape so far.
World Cup in Japan in this winter,
you packed 2(Brazil, Bulgaria) and 'half'(Russia) "luxury" wins,
even you hadn't shown your fulfillingness as Brazil, Bulgaria had,
and you could have the other half,
if 140 millions Russian people's hearts didn't come down to Volkov,
who served nine consecutive bombs...

...2007 positive works,
erases WC results, and the fog in Japan, completely,
doesn't that?

I think we had a good year in 2007.
It would have been nice to qualify for Beijing at the World Cup but,
as it was after our mediocre performance in 2006,
we are satisfied with our progress.
Now our focus is on the future.

our focus is on the future ,
never mind your lost... that's kinda USA.

(You told me at that time,)
In World Championships,
your fundamental weapon, Clayton Stanley(Opposite) had lost his form due to injury,
that caused USA lost attacking rhythm(quickness),
so you had to find better combinations, in fighting.
(Of course, David McKienzie who replaced for Stanley,
fastened, heartened USA.)
While this World League,
You had played Gabriel Gardner at the right hand(as Opposite), that's worked,
and it lessened some of Stanley's pressure, Wing Spikers' pressure,
so it took you rhythm back...
--- That's my thought.

What's going on these 6-7months?
Tell us your spell!

There was no spell.
We had to figure out our setting situation after Donald Suxho got hurt.
Kevin(Hansen) came in and did a wonderful job for WL and
Lloy(Ball) was able to have a positive impact later in the season well.
Then we wanted to find a position
that maximized Gabe(Gardner, ex-WingSpiker)'s strengths.
Gabe has always been a good attacker and
it was clear, after our discussions,
that playing him at Opposite was the best thing for him and the team.
It worked out very well for us.

...no spell... then next spell?

The only magic we know is
hard work, preparation, and competition.

The first task is to qualify.
Then we can look at our team and make personal decisions.

The only magic we know is...
I must put it on the wall!

Talk about Gardner
: former JapanTobacco(JT) Thunders' Superman, now USA's...

You know, Japanese fans know he can execute "Hut"<<note>>,
<<note>> killer-high, & also quick attacking
his hand reached the ceiling of gym for little Japanese! ...almost.
Also, we know his bumping is fine,
He makes a digging-surprise as Fei(Italy, ex-MB), Poltavsky(Russia),
such superb offensive Opposite who can dig, or pass well.
Or, in this World Cup,
I saw he was convertible: "Hut" and "Go"<<note>>, likely Fei, too.

<<note>> spiking the low and express ball = extremely quick attacking
What do you think about the merit given by Gardner as Opposite?
(But I do believe Clayton Stanley is a champion of towering, with enough quickness.)

We are fortunate to have 2 good opposites
that can play well and match up differently vs. different teams.

Yes! you can!!

Brazil's blip

I watched your video interview at FIVB,
You said, like "Brazil is not too far, now..."
I agree,
You could prove!
While they still have
- the more quicker counterattacking than any national team,
- flair of touch, like Brazilian soccer players, which is sports fans Alltime-Favorite,
- definitive team works, thanks to long term cooperation (you mentioned there),
  and I'd like to add, thanks to their gift of 'feeling',
  which forms them one fireball,
  also Brazil soccer team have, and alltime-favorite!
I haven't seen any difference between Brazil's quickness and Other Giants team's,
for this couples years.
I saw '07WL final(VS Russia), at the crucial point,
Ricardo set Giba(WS) to B-extended quick with A quick dummy,
that was rare for them and a "guile" for Russia,
...Brazil won, but didn't dominate.
And! you caught Canary , finally,
without right hand!!
...That's joking, I'm a huge fan of the Polar Bear named Clay.
(Clayton Stanley started, ...slept, but served devastatingly @ Brazil match.)

World Volleyball TODAY,
USA, Brazil, Italy, France, Slav4{Russia Poland Serbia Bulgaria},
All Giants teams are standing at the same starting line,
Do you agree?

Brazil is still ahead but there are a lot of good teams out there.

=^ΘΘ^= < ...

Spanish, Finnish pop

Had you expected that?
>> http://www.eurovolley2007.ru/rank.shtml

...Like '06WL Bulgaria, World Championships Germany,
the team who pops up suddenly,
How do you face them?
Or How have you picked European info?

We had some of their matches at the European Championships.

You had videos...(wanna see!)
and Anything to care about? when you face pop-up teams?

Europe has many good teams
so it's no surprise that different countries "pop-up" as you say.

We scout and prepare for these teams like any other opponent.

The magic is preparation!

If Spain perform as same as USA match (they won) ,
they can create "spectacle" like Spanish soccer,
which entertain with colorful options.
And their remarkable speed in attacking,
might be the best surprise of 2007 for all volleyball fans.
They suddenly lose the way, turn Cinderella@12:00PM.
'06WL Bulgaria on quarterfinal - bronze match,
Germany, or Puerto Rico, as well.
...Confidence influences Volleyball, how much!

As a coach,
What have you done for boys, Cinderella@12:00PM?

We have worked hard to establish a team culture
that's prides itself on team work and competition.
The guys work hard everyday and they are proud to represent their country.
I think that helps us try and maintain our level of effort and play.

establish a team culture
It's... what can I say...
happy to hear such... great line!!
for me, that has too great mind to translate!
but I know that mind.
That means:
to share a "design" for your volleyball,
on both style and sense?

Something like that.
It's a core set of goals, values, and behaviors,
that drives our team.

like a show(director, writer, cast, producer)!
...I believe sports, are the 8th art,
and purely I feel it when I see USAV.

Lloy Ball sets ball for USA again

As far as I know, (I hadn't much chances to see him,)
Lloy Ball controls both of timing and root,
and he is so tall that he delivers ball quickly as Zagumny(Poland) does.
Moreover, I can't forget he was the leader whom everyone can believe in.
...He came to his forth times(!!) World Cup,
I had watched him in many matches,
and found,
"Yes, he is the one!"

Now, What do you want him?
His role for present USA?

When Suxho got hurt I wanted to make sure
we had an experienced setter to help us
through this critical time in the Quadrennial.
If Lloy's good enough to start he'll start.
If he gets beaten out by someone else,
he's still a wonderful guy to have in our gym.
We are glad he's joined us again.

Seemingly there is trad combination of 1st&2nd setters:
risky faster - safety quicker
Ricardo-Marcelo(Brazil), Pujol-Le Marrec(France),
and Suxho-Taliaferro(USA in WC)...
if you choose Ball, who is the 'safty-faster',
what kind of combination do you make?

At World Cup we had Ball/Hansen and I think it worked out OK.
Kevin(Hansen) is a good setter.
However, Suxho is now 100% recovered from his injury
and he will make things interesting for us
because he is a very talented setter as well.

The young guy, Hansen made well-done, meanwhile,
Suxho is one of athletic setters of the world,
If you choose Ball&Suxho, the combination will be like...
The Skipper & The Fantasista, both creative!

Japan Collection in fall-winter 2007

For this World Cups,
I really wondered quick(MB)'s new look, at Big brand (USA, Brazil, Euros...).
They've got lower and B-quicks extended more longer, than 2006.

Now every attacking goes low (except of Hut).
You cut their(MB quicks) head off,
in order to let go more quickly?
and in order to make WS and OPP dummies so real?

The speed of the set is to try and create space for all of the attackers.
Everyone is trying to put the opponents defenses under pressure
and exploit the weaknesses they find.

The speed of the set is...
The opposite is true.
USA have the speed of the defense, too,
maybe because, you understand it well.

I saw combination-quicks, more.
Is it future-trend?

I think so.
Most teams will still play a fast spread offense
but add some combinations as well to stress the block even more.

reiterate your championship in Japan, World Cup
<<note>> The top 3 teams in the World Cup are qualified for Olympic. organized by Japan, every time!
(Olympic Qualification Cup has been called "World Cup"... funny. なんかハラガタツ妖怪 )

Euro teams had set top form in this World Cup,
1st place of European Qualification Tournament, will be a little bit harder than
this World Cup third place, you know.
1st place of continental qualification tournament will be qualified,
2nd-4th(Euro)2nd3rd(NORCECA) place(in the world ranking at that point) will struggle
for last three tickets of Olympic in '08May.

They were more motivated than USA, who won't miss their continental qualifying.
(Fans wanna see many Euro-Giants Teams, in Olympic games.
Many favorites in the best competition, is a dream!!
I wished all 3 teams and USA a medal... if it could.)

For this competition,
Had you finalized your team as Euro teams must have done,
Or, still adjusted and expanded your volleyball as you had done in WL,
some Continental games (needless to say, for Beijing)?

We tried to pick the best team
we could based on our training and our 2007 season

Aptly said!

After the match USA VS Bulgaria,
your captain Hoff said "USA can do better",
Bulgaria team said "we played 100%".
(They also declared "USA gave 100%!" ... ワルふざけ坊や a 100% fun brawl!! )
rising-USA could count Euro teams' 100%,
and Brazil might give 100%,
the defending champion needed confidence.
(And they have been in a serious brawl... [Ricardinho - Bernardinho])

For USA,
these experiences will be advantage
at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games, in Beijing?

It's important for us to know we can play
with the big, physical, European teams.

...How is Canary ? still in your cage?

ALL Americans Volleyball

Fans always like thinking who's winner.
I've thought about Game Component for Volleyball:

Lately, volleyball G8(USA, Brazil, Italy, France, Slav4) teams
- Quickness' got at the same level, in attacking/defending
- Serving and Receiving weathers, for anyone
- and every strong team has well-organized Team Works, you know,
  (Brazil's a little advantageous...)
that means Optional Element wins the score.

- Hut
  Italy(Fei, Cisolla), USA(Gardner, Stanley ...you can play both of them at L-R!!)
- Multi(blending half quick[Go] and half high[Hut])
  Italy(Vermiglio to Savani, Cisolla), USA(Priddy sometimes, I feel...)
- Accuracy
  Slavic peoples are outstanding.
  Their jumping talent, smooth joints, make them solid, definitely correct,
  show the crowd beautiful motions.
- Continuity
  I think if Bulgaria are in form, they have the most excellent stamina.
- Fantastic Blocker
  Brazil are proud of Gustavo, Italy Mastrangelo, and USA Miller!

...How many USA have!!
As I said you in WC 2006,
"USA supply Go and Hut which is both decisive,
That's why you're the strongest."
So many elements unite,
that unity, is USA's best strength and magnificence.
Unity is volleyball's basis, the spirit of United States of America.

(© FIVB)

For you(from New Zealand),
What is All Americans Volleyball?

The biggest competitive advantage for USA
has to be our ability to be a great team and to compete together.

I must tell such heartening line to your players!

Quote for Volleyball

You(who played in Japan) may understand the circumstances of Japanese sports,
here are a few fans who like sports itself.
For many people, player is not an athlete, but a pop icon in Japan,
utmost men's volleyball.
They are absolutely not guilty, are much supportive,
(and have maintained FIVB's finance for years...)
but that scream is not attractive for cool boys, you know.
They make one of reasons for minority of Japan Volleyball.
(At the same time, they make the reason for surviving of JV... complicated.)
The other hand,
obviously 'minor' USA Volleyball have caught cool guys(like you!),
you might know the quote which brings cool boys.

Tell us "attraction of volleyball"!
"Volleyball makes friends."
by Hosokawa(WS, NEC BlueRockets), ex Japan captain,
the quick spiker ever! the wizard spiker ever! that's his fan's quote...
"6 become one!" < mine
: at every moment, volleyball needs mind for your formation,
so volleyball tells the beauty of trust, the most.

Volleyball engages your body, mind, and soul.
It's challenging and enjoyable to master the skills of the sport;
There are many systems and tactics you can employ;
and it's truly satisfying to play this game well with others.

...You should make it banner!


The last day of 2006 WC, you left the words in Japan:
"The area where we were good in was that we fought."

Stars & Stripes(国旗) にタタカイを誓う、チーム USA。
(© FIVB)

...The same tough x hopeful spirit as your team and USA have.
Leave the words, for 2007 World Cup.

After a inconsistent start to the tournament
our team played some very good volleyball
and competed at a high level.
While we are disappointed not to have qualified for the Olympic Games
we leave Japan knowing that
we can play with any team in the World

(© FIVB)

Bravo! ジョン・トラボルタ

a curtain call

I have given articles about other categories,
music, I've focused especially,
our readers love music, too! ...I think.
So I'd play ending theme song for this interview,
Please request your favorite song!

Please, please, please, let me get what I want - by The Smiths
I hope this helps.

!! シェー
You listen to The Smith!?
...It's the best surprise of 2007, the winner!! for all sports&music fans!
Just because, we know athlete likes
U2, Bon Jovi, such arena heroes or metallic heroes, generally.
...You have many elements like USAV!
=^-- ^= < ...
Well, I know I must not make noise, any more!
Just play it!

Thanks for your time and heart,
See you in Beijing!
>> Aiko Shimazu

thanks to:
Hugh McCutcheon (USA Men's Volleyball head coach)
B.J. Hoeptner Evans (Manager, Media Relations and Publications)
>> USA Volleyball

>> Hugh's volleyball counseling-mini ---after Olympic qualifying 2008.01.18

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