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2018.02.20 Tuesday
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2007.09.10 Monday
海賊 Report from Ocean Rock Expedition vol.2:
Rockfour @ Abbey Road 6.04 2007
posted in Japanese 2007/07/21

=^..^= < This column site stores not only music, but also sports, art, entertainment, comedy...
so that this article is universal... too much universal written for every readers.

>> Young Believer, Rockfour ---interview with Issar Tennenbaum

...Before that, What is Abbey Road?:
The Most Famous Album Title (1969)
(© Curtis Drumm / Amazon.com)
of The Beatles' last recording, their 11th album,
The Most Famous Recording Studio (since 1931)
of UK Giants Record Label EMI, @ Abbey Road in London.
白い壁の、おうちみたいな アビィ・ロードスタジオの外観
(© Wikipedia.com)

...Then, Why Rockfour @ Abbey Road?:
They won "Arnold Layne Competition" !
the cover contest David Gilmour held,
who is the legendary guitarist/vocalist of
60s-70s Progressive skipper UK band, Pink Floyd.
海賊 Ocean Rock Expedition's Tips
Pink Floyd:
the band that has taken Rock to the theater arts,
skillful musicians created progressive scores,
performed original programs:
'isolation' shut out the rest of the world,
'tenderness' hold isolation.
David Gilmour:
the guitarist with sky-fine voice,
main role of singing, and 'tenderness'
('isolation' performed by bassist Roger Waters)
His delicate and honest guitar, vocal,
is embroidery works...Heartwarming, Beautiful.
Arnold Layne:

the debut single of Pink Floyd,(1967)
the definitive Psychedelic Rock by Syd Barret(1946-2006).
Pink Floyd saw the light of day with this smash hit,
while Syd Barret saw the dark days with drugs, left the band.
Gilmour, who was a high school friend of Barret,
joined Pink Floyd as the Second Guitarist covering Barret's.
...When troubadour Barret & Psychedelic faded out,
Water's requiem turned Pink Floyd to Progressive .
Arnold Layne Competition:
Prize are
- One Day in Abbey Road !
- New Band Logo by Storm Thorgerson !
who was the skipper of Hipgnosis,
  is the most famous cover-artist.
Hipgnosis≒Storm Thorgerson:
styled surreal jacket for Classic Rock champions,
ex. Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, 10cc/Godley&Creme...
made it from real photograph(...mostly), more surreal than dream.
夕暮れの砂丘に、でっかい玉が ぽつんぽつんと道をつくる。
(Elegy 1971, Nice © Storm Thorgerson)
This Grandpa still in form, continues his work for small(CD) jacket.
>> See Grandpa's entire career

---Well, It is natural for your ?mark to rise on your head.

Starring: Returns, Issar Tennenbaum ! >> MySpace
Issar Tennenbaum イサール・テネンバーム 茶目っ気がある×キレ者な おっちゃん。
(Rockfour drummer wearing Rockfour T-shirt naturally. © Rockfour)

Question / Response, Note: Aiko Shimazu
(translating English to Japanese like C-3PO, human-hearted machine.
C-3PO from Starwars © AllPosters.com)

If you hear Rockfour, you must understand that
Rockfour can't be in the Competitor Class.
Rockfour is already in the Champion Class.
So, Rockfour deserved much comfortable winning.

Why Rockfour, the champion entered "Arnold Layne"?

I thought...in my thought,
That was link to reborn of Rockfour(as new formation),
and that's good timing for Rockfour,
to inform their championship to the World.
and I know Rockfour like Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett...

I adore how you place us up there, but you know,
artists must never take compliments too personally,
because if we believe them - we might become cocky,
and if don't - we might lose faith...

Good Advice for Young Believers !

---The way things are going for the new formation of the band
made us believe in ourselves again.

during the long process of making "Memories of the Never-Happened"
(2004-2006) We:
a. ran out of money
b. lost our lead singer and some die-hard fans
c. parted from our American label
d. parted from our Israeli label
e. recorded in our home studio in Tel Aviv
---with no air-conditioning in the hot summer days
f. nearly disbanded

So when the clouds spread late-2006-early-2007,
we found ourselves with
a new sponsor, a new management,
the new album remixed (3d time to full satisfaction) and complete,
a new local label, a brand new recording studio,
a huge booking agent in the US (The Agency Group ),
radio pluggers, a good PR company, a cool new band member(keyboardist Yaki Gani),
an unplugged show, a psychedelic covers show, ect etc etc...
So we are feeling good about everything these days,
like we are finally on the right track with things.

Festivals around the world are no longer a threat but a challenge
and we find ourselves competing with bigger names
every time we go to the US.
Our next big tour there will be in October, coast to coast.

on Arnold Layne Question:
Our former manager (2006-2007) had a hobby of
registering us to every online competition in the rock scene. ワルふざけ坊や

ワルふざけ坊や What a nice hobby !!

Since all the changes above started happening,
we've won a few prizes in Israel and in the US,
so when the Arnold Layne competition came up,
we only saw it natural to send our version in.
Once we realized David Gilmour was one of the judges
of the best cover version,
we knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance
to have ANYTHING played by Rockfour,
playing for David Gilmour in person.
We just kept thinking of him taking a jog with his iPod,
while listening to Rockfour.

before (20s):
ギルマー before
(© RollingStone.com / Wikipedia)
before Floyding, his model-looking earned money...
after (60s):
ギルマー after
(© Mark Estabrook / Wikipedia)
2 marriage, delicate and honest stud, 7 kids,
and perfect metabolic...

That thought got us to record live, mix and submit our version
(at minimum cost & production) with 48 hours.
Then we started following the votings
which were already 2 weeks into the competition.
Our "song" climbed up to no. 1 within the next 2 weeks
and remained there to the end.
Out of the top 3, Gilmour personally chose us...

Say, Say, Say...
Everyone thinks this result, NATURAL !!
Or rather...

Rockfour, Are you Florence Joyner?

バンザイで歓喜ゴールするジョイナー&はるか後方に見切れる 必死ランのその他大勢
(© Wally McNamee UT Center for American History)

Others efforts, were opening act for
Rockfour Never-Happened Live !
So sorry for them !
David, who might be looking forward to hand-picking up,
may say, a 'gentleman' a bit upset,

"There is no option left to me ! Just check the box of Rockfour...
Why do I sit here !!"

=^ΘΘ^= < ...

Now, here we go

Rockfour @ Abbey Road

―How's it going @ Abbey Road?
That is in the photograph(© Rockfour), and told by Issar !

in playing soundtrack, "Rockfour's Arnold Layne" !
which is the analysis of Syd-Psyche : decadence and fragile beauty,
mixed their tough wish.

スタジオの鳥瞰写真。天井が高ーくて、ほっこりするかんじ。今の信号のもよう。何度もコンクリを塗り直したらしく、そこらへんの道路みたいになっていて、なんだか 幻滅。


ギター・ベース のコーナー。クラシックなじゅうたん+赤いビロードの木の椅子。ドラムのコーナー。吸収板が屏風みたい。
キーボードのコーナー。鍵盤楽器に囲まれたコックピット!調整室。つまみ いっぱい。モニターなんかは最新鋭。

"corner shop" for: vocalists,
guitarists/bassists, drummers,
keyboardists, engineers

アビィ・ロードを それぞれに堪能するロックフォーの面々。マーク(ベース)バルーク(ギター)

Issar Tennenbaum translates his story line on Israeli weekly newspaper,
in his words, with more wording.
He gives his own title,

A Million Pounds Sound
in Gullivers Kingdom

written by Issar Tennenbaum

Chapter 1
―What is the first thing one sees when entering Abbey Road Studios, and what classic album first came to your minds?

Marc: The White Album(1968 The Beatles) & The Piper at the Gates of Dawn(1967 Pink Floyd)
Baruch: The Dark Side of the Moon(1973 Pink Floyd)
Issar: Live at Pompei(1972 Pink Floyd [film])
Yaki: mmm... too young to remember, I guess... (LOL)

Passed the infamous black gates - normally shut - one comes face to face with the steps leading to the main entrance to Abbey Road Studios. No different from any fancy law firm's main lobby, there is the hefty double door, behind it a string of secretaries protecting uninvited visitors from entering the labyrinth of hallways and offices.

The equipment however is hauled down a side alley which leads to the back entrance. That's where WE came in. Once inside, the first thing you cannot miss is the Abbey Road Studios Hall of Fame, presenting all of the top Hollywood movie soundtracks which where recorded, mostly in Studio 1, with Philharmonic orchestras from all over the world. We keep walking and there it is, next on the left, the gigantic Studio 1. The official Abbey Road cafeteria is at the end of the hallway to the right. But we turned left and then right again, and faced the historic original metal doors, behind which hides Studio 2.

Once we were passed those doors it was as like we were sucked into a time machine and all sense of the new & modern was immediately forgotten. Memories of my first impressions take me back to how huge the studio was, the terribly high ceiling, the scent of fine moisture, like an aroma of good-ol' Port (wine). Then there were dozens and dozens of earphones all hanging in precise order, and of course the famous partitions on both sides of Studio 2, in the shape and design of larger-than-life pieces of swiss cheese, lifted on small wheels. Purely psychedelic!

Chapter 2
―Did you record the drums with one microphone as The Beatles did?

Honestly, it would've been fine by me, had we wanted to attempt something like that... but truth is, Chris - Studio 2's sound engineer - gave his utmost attention especially to the drums. We counted at least fifteen mics placed in the studio for drums and room amplification alone, and for a small 4-piece drum kit. I was surrounded top to bottom, front to back. In fact, Chris's first request that morning, pointing at the rug and bassdrum he had already set up, was:
"Don't touch the bass drum!"   ...'cause he already placed it where he wanted it... same as he always does, same as Iron Maiden and U2, who've done it less than a month ago in the exact same spot, Chris recalled.

Chapter 3
―How did the recordings and video-shootings turn out, and what do you plan to do with them?

Considering the fact that we only had one full day at studio 2, and with all the setting up in such a huge room... you can imagine how many precious (and expensive) moments were "wasted"... like running up and down, to and from, the control room, which is basically located one floor above the recording room. Soon enough we realized that we as a band need to focus only on playing and producing the songs as best as we can in the limited number of hours given, while others in our party take care of the logistics of things. So our managers from AnovA Productions sat in the control room, listened attentively and commented to the sound guys. They also took digital cameras, DV cameras, Super 8" videos and SLR stills into the studio for a closer look at the action. Best pictures, in my opinion, were in fact those taken from the control room, from above, because those show the enormity of Abbey Road Studios as a recording structure. In some of the photos, as seen on our MySpace page, we look like midgets in Gulliver's Kingdom...

At the end of the day we downloaded all of the recording and footage material onto a portable hard-drive so that we can deal with it later on with greater thought and attention. Some of the songs will probably get mixed and mastered in our new recording studio in Tel Aviv (AnovA Studios), perhaps towards a live album in the near future. We would very much like to see our first ever DVD movie come out of all of this.

Chapter 4
―Who joined you guys in the studio on this historic experience?

The group included four member of the band, all five management company reps (from AnovA Productions), some family members, a couple of friends of ours living in London, Hugh Fielder of the British 'Classic Rock Magazine', two Abbey Road sound engineers who were assigned to us for the day, as part of the Arnold Layne competition general prize. Our Features Editors for the Official and MySpace websites joined us in the studio as well (Gil & Yossi had a crucial part in our success with the competition, working night and day for several weeks in order to raise more and more votes for Rockfour from around the world). So our party included I'd say around twenty people altogether.

The first half of the day was kept very intimate, professional and decisive. The band played 2 full live sets with hardly any interference. Most of our party members kept a distance from the recording room and spent most of the time in the control room upstairs, photo-shooting the event, listening to the live sessions as they were being played, and managing the logistics for our 1-day visit to Abbey Road Studios (hotel, food, cigarettes, equipment, Hugh Fielder's in-studio interview etc. etc.). In the later afternoon hours we literally left the studio doors open to all party members and Londoner friends who stopped by to touch, feel and say hello. We played one last live session in front of this small studio audience, with a looser sound and atmosphere. Nothing beats playing for friends!

...to be continued to chapter 9, stay tune !

zoom, more pics (: instruments, equipment, Rockfour, their staff...)
Go to >>

暮れなずむ スタジオ...
...Sun set in Abbey Road.

Rockfour.com MySpace

thanks to:
Issar Tennenbaum(Rockfour),
& Anova Records

Aiko Shimazu

伝書鳩 Good People --- pigeon post interview
2007.09.10 Monday
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