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2018.02.20 Tuesday
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2007.09.03 Monday
Report from Ocean Rock Expedition vol.1: 明日の青年、ロックフォー。 Young Believer, Rockfour ---interview with Issar Tennenbaum
=^..^= < Japanese Tips
+ Ocean Rock means foreign rock.
  For Japanese who live in the far east little island, they are from oceans,
  so we called them Ocean Rock .
+ 明日の青年 is <Young=SEINEN in=NO Tomorrow=ASHITA> in English.
  ASHITA means tomorrow, also shows hope, future light,
  ASHITA is [Bright Day], in Kanji, Japanese hieroglyph.
  SEINEN means Youth with Ambitious(non selfish meaning),
  shows people who try to shine oneself, shine the world,
  [Blue(Fresh) Year], in Kanji.
  So I called Young Believer = 明日の青年

>> skip opening act, jump interview

The music, sounds the "feeling"

I guess I'm extra-unordinary, and used to weird me,
But that feeling, you may share, is ordinary feeling with everybody.

That feeling, I have it even in my dream,
...That's dogged "feeling", isn't it?

mickey's shade

First, introduction of my dream:
It is always the same dream, a recurring dream.
Scenes, are various by each dream, though,
there is always the same place, far from this world,
like 'Another World' is there.
...I mean, in my dream I know it just a dream,
Yet! I'm not awake.
Yes! I'm just a bastard, exactly,
it's no worth to see inside of bastard's dream,
yet no loss for it!
So! Ladies & Gentlemen,
please enjoy this page till the end,
stay dreamy and generously.

―'Another World', I said,
it is not like the parallel universe as we say.
I have curious vision,
buildings and interior; clothes peoples wear; paintings and views; ...
everything I see,
and everything I hear,
are all new things, however,
are all fiction of my own.
...That is not curious, because I know it my dream,
as bastard say!

Cast, who are there,
are almost stranger not existing in this world,
I meet them for the first time.
The man who looks like Art Garfunkel age 40, is one of them.
(not Art Garfunkel himself, but looking like 'Artie Forty')
'Artie Foty'
Artie Forty
(Fate for Breakfast 1979 © amazon.com)
His face is dark green with silky skin,
jamiroquai hat is scarlet felt,
wearing soft leather mantle in gray khaki...
you know, he can't exist here!
But he exists there, I can film his looking, clothes, even texture.
He is there, so real.
Cast, who are here and there,
are not stranger, they are acquaintances far away from me.
I meet them only in memory, here.
They are close to me there.
Curiously, I feel cast act by themselves, spinning off my creation,
also, story goes documentary no one controls.
...Yes, man, I know it is a dream,
as bastard say!!

--- Now, you can't help confusing, going to fool's paradise,
bastard's 'Another World' story takes you into the dreamland !
So! Ladies & Gentlemen,
Let's become a fool ! ...no,
Let's come on an emotional release ! like a fool(positive meaning), with me.

Comin' back to Another World,
'Another World', so called...
the dreamland me(Aiko Shimazu pronounced iko shimmerzoo),
Shimmerzoo present you...
called ! Shimmerzoo Land © Shimmerzoo
...@ Shimmerzoo Land,
in various scenes,
Thing what I'm doing there is always the same thing.
Silly, I don't know what is 'thing',
Serious, I give myself all, for 'thing'.

Most Popular scenes,
I've been serving for some peoples, like a secret agent, (James Bond?)

(Pierce Brosnan as James Bond © Wikipedia
The World Is Not Enough 1999 UK/USA >> IMDb
ex-Bond, I liked...
new Bond is lack of sweet, foxy, wit, and... hair. )
helping someone's escape, (Schindler?)

(Liam Neeson as Oskar Schindler © Wikipedia
Schindler's List 1993 USA >> IMDb)
...it seems a cartoon if you make it sentence,
while you see a live in Shimmerzoo Land, minute-by-minute.

DON'T Think <whether I can or not>,
DO Think <whether I do or not> !
...like this, I'm quite brave, indeed !
I'm just doing thing for 'thing', and

I am "full of dear thing".

Then, that "feeling" flows out of Another World,
when my dream is popping off.

We may say believe as a word,
if your heart is full of dear thing,
the power to believe may run through.
I started to fight in Shimmerzoo Land since I was in my low teens,
when that "feeling" appeared on my heart,
so it might be that Shimmerzoo Land was built for dogging me,
who have known myself well from then,
who bastardize the power to believe.

mickey's shade

That "feeling",
everyone has it that "feeling" with each of 'dear thing',
I believe in !
No doubt because I've been getting full-of-dear-thing
in Simmerzoo Land, day by day !!

Now, you've back from nightmare in Shimmerzoo Land,
you seem... no idea for what that "feeling" is,
I'm full of sorrow for what bastard have said,
So! Ladies & Gentlemen,
please listen to their music, grab that "feeling", and
tomorrow must run through, powerfully.

Their music has the shape of dream.

interview with Issar Tennenbaum


(© Rockfour)
- Formed 1988 in Tel Aviv, Israel

(Tel Aviv © Wikipedia)
- Group Members are
L Baruch Ben Izhak (Guitar/Main Vocal)
Issar Tennenbaum (Drums)
Yaki Gani (Keyboard) is a new comer.
Marc Lazare (Bass) R

Their forth English original studio album
"Memories of The Never-Happened" is
the CD of the Month at Tower Record Israel in June.
Rockfour is a collage radio's favorite <<Note>>,
played SXSW, gonna play CMJ Music Marathon in this year.
Their next surfin' USA will begin from October.
<<Note>> KCRW's MySpace Blog
Monday, May 21, 2007
Music Nic likes...

Nic really likes Rockfour, rock band out of Israel.
He's been playing "Young Believer" and "Goes Around"---


(© Wikipedia)
- located in Palestine, a junction of Europe, Africa, Middle East, and to Asia
- population about 7 millions
- history has novelized what is human

In modern times,
Zionism increased in 19th century,
Jews gathered together, immigrated in Palestine,
the region which Hebrew Bible calls the Promise Land.
In 1948, they became independent from UK, and established State of Israel.
At the same time,
the land went the ring:
Jews (Israeli) ---Jews corner
Islam-Arab (Palestinian) ---Islam corner

Care Label for delicate stuff:
- religion, policy, ideology, philosophy -free writing
- made by fool who wish all gods, monks, fathers&sisters, scholars
  to work as a team,
  by Classic Japanese (wannabe) who believe 真善美 true-good-beauty in the universe
- made in Japan

Starring: Issar Tennenbaum >> MySpace
Issar Tennenbaum
(Rockfour, drummer © Rockfour)
Comparing rock to movie,
melody is story, singer is actor, guitar is designer, bass is camera,
and drum is director !
...that's drum fan's comparison.
Whether you're a drum fan or not,
If you want to know the rock band, you should ask the drummer,
you know, only Ringo Starr, never fought against other Beatles.
...Anyhow, I love this drummer who is wittily skillful and sensible,
named Issar Tennenbaum.

Question / Response, Note: Aiko Shimazu
(translating English to Japanese like C-3PO, human-hearted machine.
C-3PO from Starwars © AllPosters.com)

Rockfour, sounds like "Anatomy of Rock", my first overall impression.
I have a unique time because 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s-to present, are all contained!
You are so matured, both playing and direction.
And, feel some sympathy:
Japanese who loves UK, USA or foreign popular music,
has same sense as you,
we listen their music as the message in a bottle * from overseas.
(* Reggatta de Blanc 1979, The Police)
Then we imagine their feelings, their love, their life, their world,
sometimes 'dissections' are operated, to know them more.

For Rockfour, what sounds on your music?
& tell us how Israeli popular music sounds?

Rockfour's music I believe, and as people tend to describe,
is a genre of it's own.
I guess if you go back and listen to our previous albums,
you will hear and enjoy the same ride we took along the years,
experiment with sounds and melodies, in a very eclectic way,
unintentionally of course.
(That said - Check out "Young Believer")
>>Play it as today's ending theme !
We always try to keep in mind
all of that great music we grew up on
yet we are very alert and knowledgeable about the music scene
as it is in the world today.

As for the music scene in Israel,
Well it is a wild mixture of old and new,
Hebrew and Foreign Languages, English among others.
It is not by chance that our music is very eclectic.
To some Westerners, it might even sound Middle Eastern,
because of all the different cultures that constitute the State of Israel,
on a very small and limited piece of land.
That makes music here strong,
to the face, with rage of good vibrations
waiting to explode to the world.
Rockfour in a way was - and still is - an ISRAELI PIONEER
in trying to break ice in a rock'n'roll world
that seems to think it has seen it all.

 New Album 

Talking this marvelous album called
"Memories of the Never-Happened" !

I have tasted more Rockfour yourself than past albums, so real,
do you agree?

If you meant this is our most sincere album so far?
Yes, I must agree.
Something about the process this album was
created, recorded, mixed and re-mixed again...
Something about the songs and the time
they were written in, had to be dealt carefully,
and with great sense of responsibility,
this is our first album in new group formation
(without an official lead singer who quitted the band three years ago).
We had a statement to make and a story to tell,
And I think we've accomplished doing both.


Anova Records:
Rockfour's best and most mainstream CD yet !

Inch-perfectly !

Marc Lazare:
"Memories of The Never-Happened"
ー experiences we seem to KNOW
or feel we have past
but actually they exist ONLY in the songs.
(© Rockfour)
--- inspired in the songs ---

"Memories of The Never-Happened" is a statement of
constant struggle against old and new
with nothing but faith on our side for new happiness.
( Come on Young Believer where the Magic is Alive !)

The truth is in the music and in the titles of the songs...
the lyrics are merely colors that paint picture-stories
that never-happened (or could have...)

--- aesthetic ---

 Halftime Show 
Kinda joking,
Did you get upset when you heard "Knives Out" by Radiohead?
(the song made of "Seatbelts",
like Led Zeppelin's "Stairway to Heaven" made of Spirit's "Taurus")

"Knives Out" from Amnesiac June 2001
"Seatbelts" from One Fantastic Day January 2001

...I know Rockfour like Radiohead.

--- 視聴 ---
I've heard Knives Out and Taurus recently
so I can see what you mean.
However, one can never really prove
if, when and how artists affect each others writing.
I guess -

if it's not a total ripoff,
ワルふざけ坊や it all comes down to inspirations.

シェー You said ripoff !?
I just avoided the word !
...You've made an excellent punch line !!
What a good comedian this drummer is !

...Well, I should complete this difficult halftime, safe and sound...
I guess -
They are superb arrangers.

Tributes to bands we like...
including Pink Floyd, Byrds, REM, Radiohead, Wilco,
Led Zeppelin, Beach Boys, Todd Rundgren, Cure, Velvet Underground,
Zombies, Yes, Rush, Beatles, Jeff Lynne(Electric Light Orchestra), Procol Harum,
Grandaddy and Blonde Redhead, whom we will opening for
on July 5th in Tel Aviv.

 Mind Scan 
I haven't known you are Israeli people,
even haven't heard Israeli music rock nor classic,
But, when I found you are Israeli,
felt good match for your music and yourself.
As I told, you are the professor,
and you are the "Young Believer", as well, that I hear.
I hope people would be such like you,
in Israel or every place.
Do you draw your reality onto music, as Israeli?

Living in Israel is not a choice,
It's a reality
we as Jews have to face and live with all our lives.

As I said before,
There is a beautiful mixture of people and colors and cultures
in The State of Israel.
(Unfortunately still Living at War with each other
BECAUSE OF stupid politics and dumb pride.)

And naturally much of the different taste of all of that
absorbs into our music.
We tend to see our music as global, plural, cosmic and borderless.
But no doubt the roots of our unique sound are buried in the soil we grew on.
Nonetheless, as teenagers and musicians, we were lucky enough
get exposed to much of the American and British Classic Rock
from the late 60's and early 70's,
even though it was not as popular in Israel as it is today.

If people share the same feeling, our world will go good,
I believe, as a Hiroshima citizen.
And if people listen Rockfour,
they will find the same "feeling", know that
we all have same feelings, in every life.
...Thus, Love&Peace will come !
won't it?

=^-- ^= < ...Q2.
Please leave some message to foreign(Japanese) listeners,
into a music bottle.


That's a beautiful mixture of Shakespeare x Led Zeppelin
<<Note>> ,
beautiful mixture of literary x music,
that is to say the beautiful mixture of intelligence x humor x sweet, of your own, Issar!

If music be the food of love, play on
Twelfth Night 1600-1, William Shakespeare
"Ramble On"
Led Zeppelin II 1969, Led Zeppelin

...Ramble On !!

Memories of The Never-Happened 2007
視聴 "Young Believer" >> download MP3 (distributed by Sonicbids)

Come on young believer where the magic is alive
Word is out and finally the monster's done
Unlock the pressured drivers to unfold a softer ride
Whistle some songs that use the words of love

In June I'll be tired so I'll take longer coffee breaks
Sweets keep 'em smiling when their love is sugarless

The scent of reminiscence has been sprayed into the open air
Hold your breath, close your eyes and don't look back
Bells striking madly they can lead things to a better spot
Whistle some songs that abuse the words of love

In June I'll be tired so I'll take longer coffee breaks
Sweets keep 'em smiling when their love is sugarless

Rockfour Memories of The Never-Happened
2007 Anova Records
海賊 Review from Ocean Rock Expedition
((for Japanese))

If you're Japanese and play it, you must hear setsunai.
>> Tips
Multi-colored Classic Rock crosses
glossy-colored Guitar Pop*,
(*90's-todays leading Rock,
which guitar sings imaginary scenes)

invite you to the parallel universe, incomparable.
A present for veterans Ocean Rock Expedition,
who love the works
<Old reinforce New x
whimsically-subtle craftsmanship is sparkling>,
called West Coast Rock. >> Tips

scoop entire album >> Rockfour.com
(Click English, hold on, you'll see the lovely player.)

=^..^= < Japanese Tips
+ setsunai means sensuous and heartfelt but delicate,
   is one of the trademarks of Japonism(Japanese original taste).
+ Japanese call that West Coast Rock, since 60's.
  West Coast Rock can envelope from the Beach Boys to the Eagles,
  even the Association or Harpers Bizarre with Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Rockfour ロックフォー プロモ写真 Rockfour.com
Anova Records
MP3 Rack
(Rockfour: L Marc Lazare, Baruch Ben Izhak, Yaki Gani, Issar Tennenbaum R © Rockfour)

thanks to:
Issar Tennenbaum(Rockfour),
たのしそうにプレイする イサール
(© Rockfour)
Marc Lazare(Rockfour),
Hillel Wachs(Band Manager@Anova Records),
& Yair Yona(Label Manager@Anova Records)

>> Report from Ocean Rock Expedition vol.2: Rockfour @ Abbey Road 6.04 2007

伝書鳩 Good People --- pigeon post interview
2007.09.03 Monday
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